Advanced Intelligent Technologies:

Finances, Healthcare, Communications

December, 18-20, 2017

This event is held with financial support of the Russian Science Foundation within the project 'Intellectual technologies of big data for decision-making support in the financial field based on predictive modeling' (№ 17-71-30029)
ITMO University

Advanced Intelligent Technologies

Finances, Healthcare, Communications

December, 18-20, 2017

ITMO.FinTech Project

Young Scientist Conference in Advanced Intelligent Technologies touches upon araising issues and controversal questions such domains as Finances, Healthcare and Communications including Social Networks, Public Transport Networks, Banking Systems, DSS in Medicine and all other areas of digital life of modern citizens in cyber space.

The event brings together researchers, professionals and young researcher focusing on intelligent novel technologies in Finance such as BigData, Machine Learning and many more. The aim of the Conference is to discuss data processing from the global perspective, how to extract and structure the information flows in financial and adjoining sector aiming to achieve sustainable development and higher effiency in management and planning.

High demand for applied ICT services in Finance stipulates commercial banks, consulting and investment companies, retail, brokers and hedge funds, rating agencies, and insurance companies take active part in R&D process and set ambitious goals for researchers, business analytics, programmers and statistitians. Consumers of these services, on the other end, expect secure, reliable and fast financial products based on their own individual characteristics and preferences.The present and the future of advanced technologies, innovative models, algorithms and tools for financial and cyber security sectors will be the key points of the conference.

On December 18-20, 2017, ITMO University held Scientific School-Workshop Advanced Intelligent Technologies: Finances, Healthcare, Communications, with the help of International Banking Institute (IBI) and Bank Saint Petersburg. The three topics of the School were covered in three days by speakers from ITMO and IBI, as well as partners from Russia and abroad. The event is organized with financial support of the Russian Science Foundation within the project 'Intellectual technologies of big data for decision-making support in the financial field based on predictive modeling'.

The first day of School was devoted to Healthcare with lectures by Alfons Hoekstra (University of Amsterdam), Alexey Yakovlev (Almazov National Medical Research Center) and Sergey Kovalchuk (ITMO). Their speeches touched upon such issues as computational solutions and scientific approaches to analysis of processes in Healthcare. The day was concluded with a short guided tour around the FabLab laboratory-workshop of the Technopark of ITMO University.

The second day was all about Finances: Yuriy Shpolyanskiy (ITIVITI), Peter Sloot (University of Amsterdam), and Leonid Gorokhovatsky (IBI) provided a review of the current financial technologies, including theoretical pricing of financial instruments in algorithmic trading systems and early-warning signals of the recent credit crisis.

On the third day titled 'Communications' speakers from ITMO Klavdiia Bochenina, Nikolay Butakov, and Andrey Filchenkov, as well as Michael Lees (University of Amsterdam) and Danil Kabanov (Sberbank Technologies), covered such topics as high performance simulation of processes in large social networks, multiscale computing on large infrastructures, and decision support through behavioral agent-based models.

The Scientific School-Workshop will be held annually within the Russian Science Foundation project.

Five Key Directions

  1. Infologic data models and processes in the financial sector to consider the diversity of strategies of market players, and segmentation of consumers based on their social and psychological portfolio
  2. Theoretical foundations and creation of scalable machine learning algorithms for design and identification of predictive models for financial processes on the basis of DDA
  3. Research and development of methods for predictive modeling, forecasting, evaluation and interpretation of solutions for global financial systems
  4. Development of high-performance computing technologies and infrastructure for aggregation, storage and processing of data to ensure effective application of designed models, methods and algorithms
  5. Implementation and verification of the developed models, methods and algorithms within open cloud software platform to provide services for data aggregation and processing, design of forecast models, and simulation of financial processes


Important Dates and Venues

School Program

ITMO University, 16 Birzhevaya line, room 301/5 hosts the workshop on December, 18-20, 2017 from 09:30 until 19:00

To take part in the event please contact Ms Georgia Mulyukina by email



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